My first toy!! Well, it isn’t for me, but I did make it.

It is called Oopsie – it was said a lot when making this adorable little thing.


The pattern is from a book I saw at a local craft fair I went to with my Mum and then subsequently bought online. It was relatively ‘easy’ to do, but very fiddly – hence the oops (and maybe some expletives…).

I haven’t got a close up, but the eyes are appliquéd on using a narrow and close-together blanket style stitch. Felt would have been much easier than fleece, but apparently felt doesn’t wash well.

Although you can’t tell by the photo, one of the ears is upside down, and the fleece is slightly melted where I ironed over it to fuse the fusible fleece to it – fleece does not iron well…

Other than that it is a petty good attempt for a first go – and I am super chuffed with her little trunk.


I couldn’t resist a shot of some material drying on the line 🙂