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Well I am ashamed to admit – my craft room is a mess and it’s time for a tidy up! Since going back to study my craft room has doubled also as a study… I’m not sure how well this works, but it will have to do…for now. Now my exams are finished I may have some time to clean/tidy up.

Let me start by saying that this is ideally not how I wanted my room configured, however there is water damage on two of the walls and have to wait for it to dry as well as wait for repairs before moving things back to where I want them. Although, mind you I do like being able to look out of the window while sitting at my desk, looking at the front garden (and with this lovely wet weather the grass is nice and green!).


I told you it was a mess! Us crafters sure are a messy (but creative) bunch!


Let me tell you, just prior to Christmas I had the bathroom re-done (due to the water damage), and the workmen accidentally broke through the wall into the craft room. Hence, there was a fine layer of dust over everything… all my papers, craft supplies, embellishments, finished and in-production cards… I was not impressed! So I cleaned all that up, however 6 months down the track I am still finding things covered in grime.

As I was tidying, I was thinking about all the things I didn’t want or need any longer, and was thinking about what other crafters do with their products. Last time I went through my stash I gave some to my 12yo neice, and some to my 4yo’s Kindy. I have also kept some on hand (to give in stages) ready for Christmas and my neice’s next birthday. I was thinking, surely people don’t just throw them away?!

What do you do with your old/unwanted products?

Stay tuned for my post with ‘after’ photos of my ‘clean and tidy’ craft room…