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My husband asked me recently what someone would need to have as their bare essentials when starting out as a card-maker. This got me thinking… … … … (yes, a lot of thinking), and I thought I’d make a card with a small amount (I did start out with trying to make a card out of the least amount of products, but I got a bit excited) of products and techniques I could think of:


This card was made using a paper trimmer, card and patterned papers, double-sided tape, ink and a sponge. Really it didn’t need ink or the sponge, bit I do think it adds that bit of pop and ties it all together. I think various papers and a paper trimmer are the bare essentials.

You can then add to your stash as you go, by adding ink, stamps, more inks, different embellishments, die-cuts, and the list goes on!

This paper pack ‘Ebony and Ivory’ is from Kaszazz, and the good thing about buying a paper pack is that there will be coloured as well as coordinating patterned paper inside. This paper pack was about $19, and has 6 different patterned papers, as well as 2×6 different colours. I haven’t tried to see how many cards I can make from this one pack, however I can imagine it would be a fair few (maybe another challenge for me?).

Each piece of paper/card has been inked with Walnut Stain Distress ink, including the pleated border. The border was made by cutting a 30.5×2.5cm strip of card and folding it accordion-style. The edges, as well as the folds have also been inked with Walnut Stain. The pleated border could be stitched down to create anther look.

My husband informed me he didn’t like the pleated border, and thought if I turned the card on it’s side, I could do something with the pleats by making them look like books… I’m not so sure, but I do very much love and appreciate his advice and opinions. My husband’s comments and ideas have often been very helpful, however today I think I will leave the card as it is…


Paper: Ebony and Ivory paper pack, white card base

Inks: Walnut Stain Distress Ink

Tools: Paper trimmer, ink blending tool, blending sponge

Adhesives: double-sided tape