Welcome back!

As you know I’ve been trying watercolouring. I’ve always loved colouring, however I still have a lot of practice I need to do… When colouring in the image for my Nanna’s 80th birthday card, I thought about all the different media I could use, and what would turn out the best for what I wanted. Then I thought, hey, I might share this with you!

I’ve stamped 6x butterflies with Stazon (as we are watercolouring, and when you watercolour you need a solvent based ink that is not going to run or bleed when you add water). Here’s the first 3 butterflies on watercolour paper:


I coloured the butterflies each with a different medum, using the lighter colour first (1. Distress Markers, 2. Watercolour pencils, 3. Watercolour Crayons). You can see the different effects and brightness each medium provides:


Here are the next 3 butterflies (coloured with 4. Memento, 5. Ink and 6. Chalks). You can see the Ink that I used (see: middle image) has already coloured to look like shading. This is because I started colouring from the middle of the butterfly, out to the edges of it’s wings. Where you start will be more concentrated in colour.

As you can see the chalks give a soft, pastel-type colouring.


I then coloured over each of the butterflies with a slightly darker colour to the areas I wanted the shading (imagine a butterfly in the garden and where the darker colours might be. If you find it difficult to imagine, you can always Google the image). Here are all 6 butterflies using the different media, with the first step of shading:


You can see I have added the darker colour in the middle and also around the edges to create shading/shadow, and to mimic the natural colour variations on a butterfly. At the moment it looks a little odd as the colours have not been blended together yet, however you can already see the butterflies taking effect. Which medium do you like best so far?

I then used a watercolour brush (or an Aquabrush – brush pen with a water reservoir in one end) or a blender pen to blend the colours together. You can do this by starting at the darker shade and lightly brushing to the lighter shade. The lighter shade will then pick up parts of the darker shade and will hopefully create a seamless shaded look.


Here are the colour media I used:

1: Distress Markers (Mustard Seed and Dried Marigold)


2: Watercolour Pencils (Yellow and Orange). These are everyday watercolour pencils from Faber Castell, although I am thinking of getting a larger set of pencils (this set does not have a large colour range…), although I am not sure of which brand/type – any ideas?


3: Watercolour Crayons by Stampin’ Up! (Daffodil Delight and Pumpkin Pie). These were a Christmas present – thanks!


4: Memento (Dandelion and Cantaloupe). I coloured the butterfly with these by applying the ink directly to a silicon sheet (you can use an acrylic block or an acetate sheet – anything on which the ink will wipe straight off), and then using a blender pen (or watercolour brush/aquabrush) by wiping it over the ink spot, and applying it directly to the paper.


5:Stampin’ Up! Ink (More Mustard and Pumpkin Pie) – the ink was applied to the inside of the lid, by holding down the lid gently while it is closed, so that the lid gets pressed onto the ink pad. Then use your aqua brush or blender pen to grab the ink from the lid and ‘paint’ onto the paper. This acts like a texta/pen.


6: Artist Chalks by Kaszazz (Yellow and Orange – 3rd from the top left). As you can see there is an applicator at the bottom – it looks like a clamp or set of tweezers. This holds the small cotton balls so you can swipe these over the chalk and apply directly to your image. Chalks create a soft and subtle colour effect.


Hope you liked today’s post. At the request of my husband (who tries really hard to understand what I do in my craft room), I am going to try to add more instructions, videos, tutorials etc, so that beginners and non-crafters can also learn about papercrafting and different techniques, products and applications. If you have any ideas, let me know and I will do my best to accommodate.