Another scrapbooking page:


I’m liking this scrapbooking stuff! I can finally show off some of my treasured photos 🙂


Dina the Dinosaur

This little munchkin was a prototype or test for the toys I made for the babies in my Mother’s group for their first birthdays. I was going to make each of them an Oopsie the elephant, but due to how fiddly she was to make, I figured it didn’t scale well. Instead I made this:


She was super easy to make. The fiddliest part was the appliquéd eyes, but I think I have that down pat now. The ribbon taggies are great for babies and little people, as it gives them something to grab onto, chew, and some texture and sensory stimulation.

My next post will be the 10 I made for each of Marcus’ little buddies.

Oopsie the elephant

My first toy!! Well, it isn’t for me, but I did make it.

It is called Oopsie – it was said a lot when making this adorable little thing.


The pattern is from a book I saw at a local craft fair I went to with my Mum and then subsequently bought online. It was relatively ‘easy’ to do, but very fiddly – hence the oops (and maybe some expletives…).

I haven’t got a close up, but the eyes are appliquéd on using a narrow and close-together blanket style stitch. Felt would have been much easier than fleece, but apparently felt doesn’t wash well.

Although you can’t tell by the photo, one of the ears is upside down, and the fleece is slightly melted where I ironed over it to fuse the fusible fleece to it – fleece does not iron well…

Other than that it is a petty good attempt for a first go – and I am super chuffed with her little trunk.


I couldn’t resist a shot of some material drying on the line 🙂

Sophie’s earrings

Here are some earrings I made for my cousin Sophie as an add-on present for her 21st (we got her some Swarovski jewellery and my Dad made her a cool pen – he does it for a hobby and makes some awesome things on his lathe!):


Her Mum said her favourite colours are aqua and pink, so I made a pair of each colour (top and bottom), and I had some woven wrap scraps that had the two colours woven together. The photo really doesn’t do the colours justice – imagine a warm pink.

Anyhoo, thanks for visiting! I’ve got some more things lined up, and even some papercraft coming 🙂

Wrap scrap button earrings

Okay, while I am throwing a few new and different things into this blog, I thought I’d pop in some earrings I made using some woven wrap scraps I had.


They are simple fabric button earrings, and are a cinch to make!- I watched a couple youtube videos, and bam, here I am 🙂

The small green ones on the left are normal cotton material I got at Spotlight, which I made out of scraps I had left over from some toys I have been making. These sorts of earrings are a great way of using up small bits of scraps you may have lying around.

I found very quickly that it is much easier with normal cotton fabric as opposed to woven wrap scraps (they tend to fray a lot more), but I like the look and texture of the woven fabric a lot more.

Happy scrapping! 😉

Arabella’s school diary

Arabella started Year 1 a few of weeks ago and was told she needed to cover her school diary. I asked her what she wanted to do with it, and she asked me to cover it for her. She gave me these parameters: it had to have colour, some sort of animal, and had to have her name on it – it gave me lots to work with!


This is the front cover above. The words are representative of who Arabella is and the great things about her. There are of course many more, but I didn’t have enough rub-on words!

This below is the back of her diary, and represents school.


I attached the paper over the diary cover, added some rub-on words, and used washi tape to cover the binding. My husband then did a smashing awesome job at covering the whole thing with contact.

P.S. she really liked it!

Steampunk Cogs Vest

Hi! I’ve got another sewing project to share – I made this vest for my son for a Steampunk themed dress-up dinner we went to in NZ last month.


It is made out of a woven wrap – Natibaby Cogs. My husband used to wear his daughter in a sling (I’m calling them slings even though there are lots of names for them) when she was little and we did the same for Marcus after he was born. I must say I have fallen down the rabbit hole with this babywearing business and into the world of beautiful fabrics! (Don’t worry, I didn’t cut up one of my slings, but bought this woven wrap relatively cheaply purely for the purpose of chopping it and making it into this vest).

It was a beast to work with, but turned out pretty well in the end 🙂

A little something different

I haven’t been card making for a while – I’ve been sewing and doing things with fabric instead!!
To keep things active, I thought I’d share some of my latest projects with you!


This is a reversible bucket hat by Flosstyle. I got the PDF pattern for $7! The pattern was super easy to follow, except there was a mistake in the instructions… It said to attach the sides/walls to the brim, but they actually meant attach it to the top/lid. This wasted a lot of time and patience! But I figured it out in the end (with my husband’s help!).



Some of the stitching isn’t as straight as I’d like it, but overall I’m super proud of my first hat ever! Marcus likes it too 🙂